Re-Banding: Hydrogen Skyline

You've heard of re-branding before...well this is kind of like that. A little white ago I sat down with the band Hydrogen Skyline ( and talked to them about creating a new image for their band. I wanted to share in this blog what came from that collaboration and a little behind the scenes at some of the composite work I did.

Before I get to the images I wanted to take a second to talk about collaboration and a couple of things to help you get started!

1. Bring something to the table - We literally sat around a table at a coffee shop when talking about this project and everyone brought their ideas to share. Don't be the person in a collaboration to show up to the table empty handed, bring ideas, bring good juju, bring something!

2. Be Flexible - Don't bring ideas that are not flexible to the table and be willing to have ideas shot down, especially to meet the needs of the client. We all think our ideas are the best ideas, it is an unfortunate truth that a lot of times they aren't...but that's why you collaborate, so if your ideas suck someone can help make them un-suck.

3. Do your homework - The other day I sat down to have a meeting with a potential client and they hadn't even looked at my website, they had just heard I was good. Not only was it insulting to me, but it was a waste of time because they didn't know what I specialized in. Before I met with the band I had looked at other band album covers, seen what was popular in their genre, and come up with ideas that would work for both of us...they had done the same. Don't be too cool for research and homework, you're clients will appreciate it!

Alright, enough tips...let's look at some pictures! Hang on for the last one it will show an animation of the composite.


Until next time, go collaborate with someone and BE AWESOME!