New Year, New Everything

Well, as you can tell, 2014 was busy, and 2015 is proving to be a little more busy. I have been re-working and re-branding, anything you can put "re" in front of, we did. But why? Why would you re-vamp when I had a relatively large portfolio before, and it covered a lot of different genres of photography? Actually, that's the answer, it covered too many genres. I was watching a video a while back and I heard something that really stuck with me, the person said "When young people ask me what they should shoot for their portfolio, I tell them 'shoot what gets your blood pumping, shoot what you are passionate about, because ultimately what you shoot now is what you're going to get hired for later.'" Let me say right now I am really botching that quote and I am not sure who actually said it, but it put me on a new path.

So away to work I went, changing pretty much everything and doing what I love. It is hard, it means saying no to things that you might have said yes to before, and it means being intentional about what you do. Overall I will say that it has been one of the best business and personal experiences of my life. In just 6 months we (my team and I) have been shooting upwards of 4 times a week to get new pieces together, and there is a lot more coming. We focused on composite photography, traveling high and low to shoot backgrounds, getting talent from all over the country and loving every minute of it.

What's the take away from all of this? It's to be true to your vision and your passion. We are all wired a little different, and we do best when we don't try to re-wire ourselves to be someone else. I love composite photography, I love sports/outdoor/conceptual work, so I shoot that. You might love fashion, beauty, fine art, landscape or any of a thousand possibilities, you should shoot that.

Upcoming I'll be doing more behind the scenes and we are working on a video soon...stay tuned! I'll leave you with one of my newest images from the portfolio, until next time, be awesome!

Aaron AndersonComment